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Solid Rubber

Rubber is probably the most widely used gasket material. Rubber is offered in many different styles and grades to meet many applications’ needs. In addition, rubber is commonly available “off the shelf” in most styles, grades and thicknesses.

Synthetic rubbers are generally made from petroleum-based by-products. Alternatively, natural rubber is derived from latex from Rubber trees which are found in Thailand and Indonesia.

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Commonly Used Rubbers

Many rubber products are offered in standard commercial grades as well as high-grade. Generally, high-grade materials will have a higher percentage of the actual product (ie Nitrile) and may have a higher tensile strength and/or operating temperature range.

A list of the most commonly used rubbers and their characteristics are listed below.

RubbersDurometer  Thickness  Temperature Range  Tensile Strength (PSI)  Overview
Nitrile, BUNA-N, NBR30 - 90.015 - 1.00-30 - +220850Widely used for its resistant to most oil, grease, water and hydraulic fluid.  It is also compatible with certain chemicals
FDA Nitrile - Food Grade Nitrile50 - 70.015 - 1.00-30 - +220800FDA approved ingredients for use around food; white color
Neoprene (Chloroprene)30 - 80.015 - 1.00-40 - +200500Low cost, general purpose material; moderate oil, grease, solvent and checmical resistance
EPDM40 - 80.015 - 1.00-40 - +300900Excellent UV, ozone and oxidation resistance; also abrasion resistant
NSF Approved EPDM40 - 80.015 - 1.00-40 - +300900NSF 61 approved for potable water applications
FDA Approved EPDM40 - 80.015 - 1.00-40 - +300900FDA approved ingredients for use around food; white color
Viton; FKM50 - 80.015 - 1.00-20 - +4001000Higher-end material for broad use; good oil, fuel and chemical resistance; good aging properties; excellent UV, ozone and oxidation resistance
Butyl40 - 80.015 - 1.00-40 - +2251500Excellent dielectric properties; low permeability to air and gases; moderate UV, ozone and oxidation resistance
Silicone (Commercial Grade)30 - 80.015 - 1.00-80 - +450600Excellent high and low-temperature range; excellent ozone, oxidation and water resistance
FDA Silicone30 - 70.015-1.00-80 - +450700FDA approved ingredients for use around food
Electrically Conductive Silicone60.015-1.00-80 - +500800Protection against electrostatic discharge and EMI
Fibreglass Reinforced Silicone70.015-1.00-80 - +5001300Increased mechanical strength - up to 1300 PSI
Medical Grade Silicone40 - 70.015-1.00-80 - +4501200USP Class Testing approved for use in medical devices
Fluorosilicone40 - 70.015 - 1.00-60 - +500900Excellent temp range; resistant to fuels and solvents; naturally resistant to ozone
Urethane60 - 90.015 - 1.00-40 - +2005000Most abrasion resistance and strength while maintaining stability and flexibility
SBR60 - 80.015 - 1.00-40 - +220500Excellent abrasion, wear and water resistance; also resistant to certain chemicals
Gum Rubber / Natural Rubber40.031 - 1.00-60 - +2202300Good physical properties and low temp range; greater elongation than most rubbers; very resilient
Epichlorohydrin 60-70.031 - 1.00-40 - +2501200High-end rubber; excellent resistance to oil and grease; broad operating temp range; broad chemical compatibility
  • PSA available on all products. PSA is available in acrylic-based, rubber-based and acrylic-rubber blends. PSA also available in transfer and double-coated options.
  • Standard thicknesses available in -.015, .031, .062, .093, .125, .187, .250, .312, .375, .500, .625, .750, 1.00.
  • Custom and metric thicknesses also available
  • Standard durometer for most rubber products: 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90

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