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aerospace gasket material

Aerospace Gaskets and Materials

Choosing high-quality gaskets is critical for aerospace applications. At Excelsior, we have over 100 years of experience creating aerospace industry gaskets, washers, insulators, and seals. Find high-performance gaskets for a wide variety of commercial aircraft, private fleets, and military transports. We also source hard-to-find components, provide custom gasket design, and offer state-of-the-art manufacturing services.

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Aerospace industry clients include

  • Passenger Airlines
  • Commercial air freight carriers
  • Military agencies
  • Space organizations and satellite operators
  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Airline maintenance and repair firms

A Trusted Aerospace Gasket Manufacturer

As an industry leader in gaskets for aerospace enterprises, we have an excellent reputation for high-quality products that meet rigorous testing standards and offer exceptional performance in demanding applications.

Our products adapt to the needs of civilian and military aircraft, including jumbo jets, cargo planes, medical air ambulances, helicopters, and drones.

The Importance of Gaskets on Aircraft

Gaskets and seals play a key role in many aircraft systems, from hydraulic components to cabin pressurization systems. At high altitudes, dependable seals ensure the safety of crew and passengers. High-quality gaskets also enhance aircraft performance, reduce downtime, and keep vital parts functioning correctly, from wing flaps to fuel systems.

Virtually every system on a plane, fighter jet, or helicopter uses gaskets to prevent leaks, protect components, reduce vibrations and wear, and prevent contamination.

Due to how widely used gaskets are for aerospace, it is important for enterprises to carefully consider operational requirements when selecting the correct seal. Some gaskets excel at resisting corrosion from fuel and freezing environments, while other materials can safely resist high temperatures or fire risks.

Applications for Gaskets in the Aerospace Industry

  • Hydraulic parts for brakes, landing gear, and flap actuators
  • Seals for aircraft windows, doors, and cabin sections
  • Fuel tanks, doors, and delivery systems
  • Fire barriers
  • Engine parts

High-Performance Aerospace Industry Gaskets

Aircraft engine components and external parts may use metallic or rubber-based gaskets because of their excellent resistance to extreme temperature variations and corrosive compounds, including deicer.

Aerospace industry gaskets generally use elastomeric and thermoplastic materials, such as:  


  • Teflon
  • Nylon
  • Neoprene
  • Silicone
  • Glass melamine
  • Nomex

Customized Gaskets and Contract Manufacturing Services

Every type of aircraft has different design specs, so it is common for OEMs and mechanics to require customized gaskets. As an aerospace gasket manufacturer, we can tailor the three-dimensional layout, materials, and product characteristics of sealing components. We follow project specifications precisely for corrosion resistance, thermal resistance, and strength.


Our Advantages for Aerospace Parts

At Excelsior, we are experts in aerospace industry gaskets. Our team has extensive experience with the industry's needs and challenges, and we can help customers choose or create the right seal for the job. Contact us for a detailed guide.

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