Manufacturing precision component parts


Proper selection of the right process or combination of processes based on the material and part complexity enables the lowest cost highest quality result. This is a core competency at Excelsior.

Excelsior has the capability to fabricate 2 dimensional synthetic or thin gauge metal gaskets from .100" diameter to 4 ft. square. Whether it be a simple shape or a sophisticated configuration with tight tolerances, in high volume or low volume, we have the manufacturing capability to produce a quality economical gasket.



  • Cut thickness of material
  • Cut width of material
  • Coil material
  • Apply adhesives

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high volume cutting

High volume cutting

  • Rotary die cutting
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Punch presses

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medium & low volume cutting

Medium and low volume cutting

  • Manual presses
  • Programmable travel head presses
  • From roll or sheet stock

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large parts

Large parts

  • Minimal set-up
  • Large parts - 36" x 54"
  • Low tool cost

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waterjet laser cutting

Waterjet / Laser cutting

  • Minimal set-up
  • High accuracy/finish
  • Ideal for prototypes

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micro-vu vision machine

Micro-Vu vision system

  • Accurate to .00005"
  • 27 x 27 bed
  • Used for all first and last piece inspection

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turnaround time