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Industries Electronics and Industrial Controls
emi shielding gasket material

Thermostat and Electrical Enclosure Gaskets 

We participate in selling gaskets that are used in industrial controls as well as thermostats. Generally, these gaskets are used around electronics or printed circuit boards, so there is often times very little room. In these cases, we frequently use thin (.015”) cloth-inserted rubber. This product withstands heat well and the cloth-insert provides stability. We have also used cork and rubber blends, plastic shim stock (Mylar) and sponge rubber blends for these applications.

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Common Uses and Benefits Include:

Anti-Vibration Industrial Gaskets:

Any machine that produces frequency and vibration can benefit from the use of anti-vibration industrial gaskets. By effectively muffling vibration, the amount of wasted energy is significantly limited, and the risk damage caused by vibration is also reduced.

Industrial Gaskets for Sealing:

The most important function of a gasket is preventing leakages in an industrial system. These are often made from rubber due to its ability to block water and other substances.

Industrial Environmental Seal Gaskets:

These gaskets seal against dirt, dust and other small particles. Environmental seal gaskets are predominantly used in enclosures that protect equipment controls such as thermostats.

Industrial Gaskets for Mountings:

Modern equipment displays require protection from dust, shock and even liquids in order to ensure the integrity of sensitive digital display technology. Mounting gaskets made from the proper elastomer are well-suited for this application.

anti vibration industrial gasket applications

Common Materials

  • Cloth-inserted rubber
  • Cork and rubber blends
  • Plastic shim stock (Mylar)
  • Sponge rubber blends

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