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Materials Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) is commonly used throughout gasket applications. PSA can be used from a temporary means of holding a product in place during assembly to a more long-term permanent manner in which to bond 1 item to another. The most common types of adhesives used in gasketing applications are acrylic based and rubber based products. These products can be offered in "transfer" or "double coated" options.

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Benefits of PSA Gasket Material

PSA is commonly applied to gasket material.  In doing so, the exposed side of the PSA is applied to the gasket material and then ran through rollers that apply a nominal amount of pressure to bond the 2 together.

PSA is supplied and used in 2 different forms, including “transfer” and “double-sided” products.  The amount of adhesive varies depending on the product. Most commonly used PSA’s have .001” - .005” of adhesive. The specific adhesive being used will vary in adhesion strength, dwell time, etc.

Transfer adhesives have 1 layer of adhesive on a release liner. Transfer adhesives are the most general-purpose and commonly used adhesives.

The Build-up of commonly used PSA's Transfer Adhesive:

  • Adhesive - .002"
  • Release Liner - .005"

Double-sided adhesives have 2 different layers of adhesive applied to opposite sides of a film carrier (ie .001” thick PET). This added carrier allows for additional stability during application and use. Using a double-sided adhesive also allows different types of adhesive and different thicknesses of adhesive on each side of the carrier. This can be beneficial depending on the end application.

  • Adhesive - .002"
  • Carrier - .001"
  • Adhesive - .003"
  • Release Liner - .005"

The common characteristics of both Acrylic-based and Rubber-based PSA's are:

Acrylic basedRubber based
Moderate initial adhesion (gradual adhesion buildup)High initial adhesion
High shear strengthModerate shear strength
High temperature resistanceModerate temperature resistance
Excellent solvent resistanceModerate temperature resistance
Excellent UV resistanceFair UV resistance
Excellent durabilityModerate durability

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