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Fluid Control Gaskets and Materials

A significant portion of our business involves sealing fluids.  This can take many different forms and functions.  Generally, the factors that affect the selection of material in these cases are the fluid being contained, temperature, and the clamp loads of surrounding surfaces.  These factors can also dictate the thickness of the material being used.

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The Material We Use Varies Widely

Solid rubber is traditionally good in these applications as we can change durometer (hardness) and thickness to meet the application. Higher-end products like silicone or Viton are widely resistant to many chemicals. If stability is an issue, we can use cloth-inserted rubber to help with clamp load or shifting.

In other cases, we may use cork and rubber.  This gives the user the benefits of cork along with the resilience of rubber.  We also use compressed non-asbestos materials in these cases where resistance to certain chemicals is required.  

Lastly, we use virgin Teflon or glass-impregnated Teflon for sealing where chemical resistance is needed, temperatures are high and clamp load is an issue.

Related Materials For Fluid Control:

  • Silicone
  • Viton
  • Rubber
  • Glass-Impregnated Teflon

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