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non asbestos compressed and beater mix additionsThere is a broad range of engineered materials used for gasketing that are referred to as compressed sheet or non-asbestos. Generally, these materials are made with certain fibers (ie Aramid fiber) and other fillers with a rubber binder. Users will choose a rubber binder suitable for their application.

Compressed sheet can also be made by adding a beater mix or beater addition. This addition is very specific to the application in which the material will be used. Beater mixes consist of chemicals, fibers, water, cellulose (paper) and other non-asbestos fillers.

Common benefits of these materials are:

  •          High performance with excellent torque retention
  •          Broad resistance to chemicals, oils, natural gas, water, steam, and other environmental factors.
  •          High operating temperature range of up to -100F and up to +800 F.
  •          Excellent sealability

Common examples of these materials are listed below. We stock a number of these materials and can assist you in determining which product is most suitable for your application.

  •          Garlock Blue-Gard 3000 series
  •           Durlon 8000 series
  •           Klingersil / Thermoseal
  •           Frenzelit - Novaplan, Novapress, Novatec, etc.
  •           Teadit NA series
  •           Interface / Armstrong – many products, including CS-301, N-8090, N-8092, TN-9001, PF4N, NV-565 and many others

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