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Kitchen Kare™ Products
acrylic kitchen cutting boards

Acrylic Kitchen Products

Excelsior manufactures a line of Kitchen Karebrand acrylic kitchen cutting boards and other products. These products are made from 100% virgin Acrylic and are proudly made in the USA. Acrylic is a Thermoplastic, which means the material softens as it is heated and can actually turn back into a liquid at its melting point (around 350F). This nature allows us to bend counter lips and other flared edges into certain products. However, because of this characteristic, we recommend you hand-wash these cutting boards.

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Why Acrylic….

Product Features

  • Textured finish hides scratches better than colored plastic cutting boards
  • Will not stain like white or colored polypropylene or polyethylene cutting boards
  • Clear finish universally matches décor
  • Non-stick feet hold the product in place
  • Rounded edges for a smooth finish
  • High-impact resistant material

Kitchen Board Gallery

All of our products are 100% proudly Made in the USA.

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Kitchen Kare™ Product List

101Paddle Board Cutting Board8 x 12850014971045
99Cutting Board6 x 8850014971021
103Cutting Board9 x 12850014971069
104Cutting Board11 x 15850014971151
105Cutting Board15 x 15850014971168
106Cutting Board15 x 20850014971106
107Cutting Board20 x 20850014971014
104ACutting Board with Juice Groove11 x 15850014971182
105ACutting Board with Juice Groove15 x 15850014971199
106ACutting Board with Juice Groove15 x 20850014971205
107ACutting Board with Juice Groove20 x 20850014971212
110Cutting Board with Counter Lip13.5 x 15850014971076
118Cutting Board with Counter Lip15 x 18.5850014971137
111Cutting Board with Counter Lip18.5 x 20850014971083
110ACutting Board with Counter Lip & Juice Groove13.5 x 15850014971229
118ACutting Board with Counter Lip & Juice Groove15 x 18.5850014971236
111ACutting Board with Counter Lip & Juice Groove18.5 x 20850014971243
112All-Purpose Drain Board / Cutting Board13.5 x 14850014971090
116All-Purpose Drain Board / Cutting Board18.5 x 14850014971113
704Funnel Board Cutting Board11 x 15850014971144
217Place Mats (Set of 2)11.75 x 17.75850014971175
210Serving Tray11 x 14850014971250
211Serving Tray11 x 17850014971267
212Serving Tray13 x 21850014971274


Acrylic Plastic Products, located in Jackson, MS, brought the acrylic cutting boards to market in the 1970’s.  The first product they offered was the paddle board style cutting board.  Two generations of the Kurtz family expanded this product line over the next nearly 50 years. 

At the time Acrylic Plastic Products began offering acrylic as a cutting board material, there were few competitors.  They found acrylic to be an excellent cutting board material and began to sell the initial products through retailers in Mississippi where they would visit and demonstrate the products.

Since that time the product offering has expanded and the Company grew its products through other chain retailers, through distributors that serve the hotel and condominium industry, and now direct to consumers through online sources.

In 2019, Excelsior, Inc. located in Rockford, IL purchased the cutting board line from Acrylic Plastic Products.  Excelsior plans to continue to expand the product offering and grow the brand through traditional and online sources.

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